Love song.

I wish I could give you my understanding, and that I could have yours. Between us, we would know everything.

You would understand how well taken care of you are, even if it feels like chaos.

I would understand how to channel all of my intensity into real discipline.

You would feel the weight of your words in your mouth before you spoke them.

I would never again walk in the exact opposite direction of my destination.

You would feel Creation vibrating cellularly and fall so far in love.

I would consciously pilot my own life again.

You would apologize far less often.

I wouldn't care quite as much.

I want to borrow your eyes so I can see me like you see me- so clearly, with wisdom and perspective.

We know the answers to all each others questions, handle each others flaws like diamonds to be held to the light and take care of each other as family.

I want you to love you like I love you. It's a lot, you know. And I know you love me, too, a lot, so I want to love me like you do.

Together, we would understand everything.


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