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All In

Summer 2011 In the spirit of radical honesty and transparency, I have a confession: I have been making fear-based decisions. For the sake of time, I'll avoid avoiding what I've been avoiding and tell you straight up that I've been avoiding vulnerability. While it's been healthy and helpful to be  single and celibate , and I really am  happy alone , this is not the whole story. I had the chance to be in the presence of  my teacher  in LA recently and he gave a talk on receiving what we've worked for in which he said,  "Your desires will be ridiculous as long as you believe you can't fulfill them."  While I have been going through the motions of romantic relating for years, claiming that what I wanted was real, lasting love, my actions spoke otherwise. There has been a part of me which does not believe in the viability of this desire; indeed, not only is it impossible but it is unsafe. The inner, subconscious script goes something like, "No one