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All That We Owe is Our Joy

I want to live a life of joy with you. It's all I can think about these days. It's summer in New York and I live in the cutest, most neighborhoody neighborhood in Brooklyn with the cutest dog and the best flatmate, and beautiful light that daily pours through my high up treehouse windows. I've never been quite this happy or healthy. Suddenly, having sort of unexpectedly arrived here, nothing else matters but continuing to live this well. I want to live a life of joy with you. Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my dear friend  Lauren Marie Fleming , author and revolutionary in the art of decadence and #bawdylove. She's working on her second season of podcasts and we talked about following our bliss. A yoga teacher at some point may have told you to Follow Your Bliss, and even if you're not particularly salty or jaded, you may have wondered exactly how one accomplishes this. Where is My Bliss going? Will it leave a trail of breadcrumbs to fo