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Each season of the year brings about a bit of nostalgia. In fall, it's for apple picking and subsequent pie baking. In summer, it's for falling in love for the first time. Charlie and I were introduced through mutual friends and experienced an immediate intimacy. We poured our stories and secrets out with the sort of intense urgency that only teenagers can muster, and came to know each other completely within a matter of weeks. Yet although we were deeply connected emotionally and wildly hormonal, we never slept together (which I credit for the existence of our friendship all these years later). It was summer and there were plenty of opportunities, but we weren't ready. So we held hands and kissed endlessly, sweetly, in front of the mall, at the movies and everywhere else. And that was plenty. Recently, I was rewatching an episode of Sex In The City in which the sassier of the token gays tells Charlotte that she better get laid soon or it would "grow over." Once

Dealbreakers for My Beloved

There comes a time in every person's life (hopefully!) when settling for anything less than perfect becomes intolerable. That time has come for me. The following is a list of commandments for anyone who would seek out an intimate relationship with me. As I am a Rich and Royal Queen, I deserve to have all these needs met. Good luck! The Commandments, in some sort of order 1) Thou shalt be Real Because there's nothing less attractive than a liar. Tell the truth of who you are and do it now. 2) Thou shalt be Present I'm looking for a partner, yo. You best strive to fully occupy the space of now. 3) Thou shalt love and serve God My primary relationship is with the Divine. If yours is not, we won't have a whole lot to talk about. 4) Thou shalt enjoy time alone Do you like the company you keep when you're solo? No? Ruhoh! 5) Thou shalt have an active spiritual life and practice You should probably do some yoga and meditate. You should definitely not be a