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I'm Having a Baby!

Is it a boy? Is it a girl? Is it puppy? No! It's a Business! Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, please join me in welcoming to this world my brand new pride and joy...  School of Self-Study Weighing in both feather light and heavily substantial, this baby has been gestating for well over a dozen years. The shape of it began to come together when I was a university student participating in a valuable personal and professional development program called Community Involvement Center (CIC). CIC's curriculum was centered around helping students learn to critically reflect on what they learn in order to make the most of their experiences. I participated in the program for a year as a student, then spent the next two years instructing CIC seminars. To this day, teaching at CIC is my favorite job and I've sought to recreate that in different professional formats with varying degrees of personal satisfaction. I have been a Kundalini yoga teacher, lead meditatio