New Age Men

Yogi Bhajan talked a lot about the developing shift bringing about a renaissance of sorts of the Divine Feminine. Women have been mined for their sensuality and sexuality during the last age, but as we shift, the Adi Shakti is rising. I'm seeing flickers of this change and it's a big relief because, honestly, I think without bringing in the power of the feminine, the world might really actually implode. The Adi Shakti is the Primal Creative Power of the Universe. We need this creativity to rebuild the world into one that will nurture life rather than exploit or destroy it. The masculine need to conquer has led us to this point of collapse.

The post-war, women's lib world has offered women the opportunity to get in touch with their superficial masculinity. Women can wear slacks, fix flats, operate power tools, provide financially for their family- all previously part of the male arena. But what about men? A couple of years ago Madonna wrote a pretty bad song asking men if they knew "what it feels like for a girl" and I would guess that most men still don't. It's not the superficial or stereotypically "womanly" things that I think men should understand, though. The Age of the Adi Shakti is a chance for men to develop life-giving creativity. Men have great creativity (see: the Renaissance, most classic literature, The Internet!) but that same creativity has conversely been used to mastermind really abominable atrocities (see: atomic weapons, the Holocaust, 4" heels).

Before we go any further, let's clarify: I adore men. I care about and respect men so much that I pray for them nightly. Men have this great strength and power that when applied, can make impossible things happen. My prayer for men is that if they must destroy something, that they will use their immense power to build something better in its place. If they must conquer something, let it be their own minds, their breath, their words and deeds. Women can learn steady inner stability from men. Men cannot learn to give birth, except to ideas and inventions that will be life-giving.

Men and women have so much to teach each other. The time is coming for the Feminine to factor heavily in the redevelopment of our world. Remember, Men, you came from a mother and your body is returned to the Mother when you are done here. Respect to the Feminine is due.

"It's never the man and never the material; it is always the mother who facilitates the faculty of the divinity and identity of the grace in a man." -Yogiji


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