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I Am Not Perfect, I Cannot Save You, and I Am Allowed to Change.

Not Your Beatific Goddess The Netflix/Spike Lee Joint, She's Gotta Have It , opens with a third-wall-breaking monologue by main character Nola Darling. She faces the camera and states: "I would like you to know, the only reason I'm doin' this is 'cause folks think they know me. They think they know what I'm about, and the truth is, they don't know me." The series goes on to chronicle Nola's explorations of Self through her art and relationships. I love a lot of things about this show (the soundtrack alone! oh man.) but what I love best is how nuanced the characters are, particularly Nola. You can't help but root for her and her success, even while wincing a bit as she sometimes unskillfully fumbles her way through sticky interpersonal moments. She is imperfect, and she's allowed to be! She gifts herself the space and grace to try things and make mistakes as she learns herself in new, deepening ways. This has been a strong source of