I'm Having a Baby!

Is it a boy?

Is it a girl?

Is it puppy?


It's a Business!

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, please join me in welcoming to this world my brand new pride and joy... 

Weighing in both feather light and heavily substantial, this baby has been gestating for well over a dozen years. The shape of it began to come together when I was a university student participating in a valuable personal and professional development program called Community Involvement Center (CIC). CIC's curriculum was centered around helping students learn to critically reflect on what they learn in order to make the most of their experiences. I participated in the program for a year as a student, then spent the next two years instructing CIC seminars.

To this day, teaching at CIC is my favorite job and I've sought to recreate that in different professional formats with varying degrees of personal satisfaction. I have been a Kundalini yoga teacher, lead meditation sits, performed body work and designed individual wellness plans.

In the years since my tenure at CIC, I've also spent the majority of my free time studying with different teachers and experimenting with different practices to source my own peace and joy. Built on the reflective writing foundation I gained at CIC, a central part of my prescription throughout has been journaling and keeping this blog. I've had the benefit of many gifted meditation teachers who have helped me establish a consistent daily sit. One of those gifted teachers, Josh Korda, is also a researcher, and made me into an avid student of research-based, neuroscience and modern psychology approaches to radical change. Finally, through an early introduction to dance and a 20 year practice of hatha yoga, I found my way to sensual movement, a practice of embodiment which helped me to come alive and awake as never before.

What does one do with a healing knowledge base that is so rich and diverse? I am choosing to share it.
This is School of Self-Study. My personal and professional mission is to help my students develop a healthy, loving relationship with themselves through the practice of healthy habits. I will support this by instructing students in the tools that have helped me, and by guiding them to discover the right elements for their own perfect prescription for peace and joy.

My first offering is Introduction to Self-Study. It is an 8-week online course designed to give students a foundation in contemplative, inquiry practices that will help them to develop more honest yet compassionate self-knowledge. I will be offering instruction in meditation, reflective writing and embodied movement. Each student will also choose their own learning goals, giving them support around and accountability for the healthy habits they would like to make an everyday part of their lives. Every week will feature a different topic of exploration ranging from Identity to Fear and Self-Sabotage to Skillfully Navigating Change. We will be working through a beautiful online classroom with a community component, allowing students to connect with one another around their goals and learning.

Does any of this resonate with you?
Yes? Great!

You can get involved with School of Self-Study by....
-Taking my course! The maiden voyage cohort is in for a rich treat with this content-rich course, which is the coalescence of years upon years of classes, practice, reading, studying, time, money and effort on my part.
-Sharing this post! If you have found my words and work helpful, please share my new offering with your networks, and directly with anyone who you think could benefit from the School curriculum. There is no experience necessary in any of these practices, and I welcome students from anywhere on the planet.
-Following the School on Instagram (@schoolofselfstudy) and/or the Facebook page!
-Giving the School a gift! New business babies take a solid chunk of capital to get off the ground. In addition to the investment of time, I have to cover technology costs to launch the School and offer the course. If you're not interested in taking the Introduction course at this time, but would still like to support my work, please consider sliding me a little gift on PayPal (kirstengallagher@gmail.com) or Venmo (@kirstengallagher).

There is still so much to do before my baby fully arrives. I am far from perfect, "ready" or done. I'm kind of sort of highly terrified. Nonetheless I'm standing here before doing it anyway. Thank you for the kind encouragement over the years. I wouldn't be here without you.



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