Gracias Grazie Merci Danke!!

This week I've had the pleasure of hanging out with two very darling, extremely grateful little children. These kids say thank you for everything to everyone. The ice maker in the freezer starts making ice: "Thanks refrigerator!" They like the strawberries from Trader Joe's: "Thank you Trader Joe's!" We see the garbage man: "Thank you for picking up the garbage, garbage man!" No joke. They do a lot of other adorable things as well, and are basically the kind of kids I hope to raise someday: curious, silly, bright, adventurous and grateful.

Being surrounded by a sea of gracious thank yous all week has been extremely uplifting and really put me in a gratitude mindset. While writing on the train this morning all I could think about were the many things I'm grateful for, and so I listed them. This put me in an indelibly good mood that carried through my walk home during which I decided to throw any remaining normalcy to the wind and say thank you to the sun and trees and bushes and grass and birds and cars that I passed on the way. I'm sure I looked crazy (I probably am...). In any case, you'd be crazy not to be crazy grateful for how ridiculously blessed this life is. Our very existence is a miracle. So I ask you...

What are you grateful for?

Orienting yourself towards abundance, grounding yourself in the richness that already surrounds you, is a much better way of attracting more abundance than always thinking about what is lacking. Gratitude: it's what's for LIFE!


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