Getting Authentic.

You know when you learn so much at once that your noggin starts a'swimmin? After two full days of Authentic Relationships training, I'm looking for floaty wings for my soggy brain. I don't think I'll fully grasp how much I've learned or how much this is changing me for a couple of months (years...) but for now I'll try to get still and take in the first third of the training. I'm feeling linear, so I'll make a list...

1) Drop the past. Drop it. Drop it. Drop it. It doesn't belong in the present.
2) "Ego is the place where love cannot go. Where there is ego, there is no amigo." -Yogiji
3) Show up with neutrality and Listen.
4) Self-discipline is key for self-love.
5) Just because someone doesn't live up to their word doesn't necessarily indicate that they were not being honest. Some people are very authentic and just have trouble following through.
6) And that has nothing to do with me.
7) Get totally grounded in yourself. Then you can gracefully hold space for dissenting opinions and have love and compassion for the other person, even if they are not like you and you don't agree.
8) Make requests, not demands.
9) Be aware of and manage your own expectations. Let go of as many of them as you can.
10) Give them a little break...whoever they are and whatever they did.
11) Be kind.
12) In authentic relationships, each party presents an offering to the other...of love, respect, truth, compassion, etc. There must be an exchange.
13) In authentic relationships, there is no hungry, desperate grasping. We are lit from within and do not expect the other person to present our happiness on a platter. We are self-contained and responsible.
14) Ego serves a purpose and we cannot get rid of it, but it can't be running the show. (see #2)
15) You better open your mouth and speak or no one will know what you need or think...but remember #3.
16) Sometimes the person you really need to forgive is yourself.
17) It takes courage to be as bright and radiant as we are destined to be.
18) Don't forget to play! This is all so serious and hardly really serious at all.

Blessings blessings blessings to you for Authentic Relationships that challenge, enrich and enliven.


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