2011: Conscious Relating and Communicating

The time has come! With 8 days left in the year, I'm beginning to craft and refine my learning goals and intentions for the new year. My 2010 list served as a helpful touchstone throughout the year and I am pleased to find that while some of my goals and intentions were not mastered (not reasonably master-able in a year...), I made many important steps forward. This year I have been challenged, taught and grown by surrender, communicating my truth, living my reality and committing to my spiritual practice. I found God vibrating in every atom of my being and this revelation spurred a whole series of events involving growing/glowing self-respect, steadiness and faith. I have let go of a lot of nonsense that stood between myself and my Self. This has been a year of softening and blossoming.

2011 represents a time for coming into full alignment with our highest Self. Thus far I am interested in bringing consciousness to communication in all its forms and to my relationships, particularly those of the romantic variety.

Communication Goals:
-Communicate clearly, concisely, compassionately and honestly in all interactions
(Dropping negativity, judgment, half truths)
-Speak my truth freely, with steadiness under pressure
(Dropping muzzling, concern about being nice/pleasant/likable)
-Practice daily creative expression through art/writing/singing
-Listen, quietly and patiently.

Relating Goals:
-Undertake only authentic, thoughtful, intentional romantic relationships
(Dropping rushing, fantasies, unconscious choices)
-Project neutrality
(Dropping manipulations, murky intentions)
-Save physical intimacy for said authentic relationships
(Dropping emotionally unsafe behaviors)

-Stay mentally and emotionally flexible
(Dropping rigid structures and ideologies)
-Move from the heart ("Rest in reason, move in passion." -Kahlil Gibran)
-Commit to regular strenuous physical exercise (at least 4 times a week)
-Commit to continued excellent self-care (real food, acupuncture, yoga, water)
-Live in reality

What are your goals and intentions for the new year?


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